How it began ...

I first started making garden furniture in 1990, after spending countless weekends searching for a good quality picnic bench at a reasonable price. My first “prototype” emerged from the garden shed after realising that I could no worse than make one myself.  If I remember correctly, I had a couple of screwdrivers, a hammer and a saw! Requests from friends and family quickly followed and soon I was putting more hours into carpentry than I was to a full time job. Needless to say, I soon invested in some decent tools! When my son was born in 1995 it seemed the ideal time to turn to the furniture business full time. This enabled me to work the hours that I chose and combine caring for my son at the same time. It was a big step, but by increasing the range of designs that I make, I have been able to keep the quality high and the price competitive. I still run my business from home, and the best compliment that I can have is that customers come back time and again.


Quality Handmade Garden Furniture

All my furniture is handmade in my workshop in Truro, giving you the finest quality pieces,  individually crafted with skill and  attention.

I use scandinavian red wood which has been pressure treated together with stainless steel or galvanized fixings to ensure that the furniture will last for years with the right care.   

Each piece can be left as it is to weather naturally, but I recommend giving your new furniture some extra protection such as oiling or using durable woodstain products which can be purchased from most DIY stores.

Yellow Duck Pine furniture comes in a range of stylish and durable designs, along with bespoke pieces commissioned by clients.

Everything I make can be tailored to your exact requirements, giving you a piece of furniture which you will enjoy and treasure for years to come.

Delivery can be arranged to most places in England and Wales. 


Individually Crafted Wooden Body Boards

I have also recently diversified into the manufacture of designer wooden body and belly (paipo) boards, letting customers take to the waves in style. 

Each board is built to order and individually priced depending on your specification, giving you an object of beauty as well as a top class board.

Originally all surf and body boards were made of wood and I use the same rib-based construction to make a strong and flexible board which looks stunning as well. 

The boards are constructed out of either marine ply or a mixture of marine ply and cedar strip.  They come with the option of adding a more buoyant core if wanted.

Every surfer wants to stand out from the crowd and nothing makes that statement more strongly than a bespoke board, carefully crafted to your specifications, while giving you a perfect ride on an absolutely unique belly board.