Getting the best from your board



The boards are constructed out of either marine ply or a mixture of marine ply and cedar strip.  They come with the option of adding a more buoyant core if wanted.

Every surfer wants to stand out from the crowd and nothing makes that statement more strongly than a bespoke board, carefully crafted to your specifications, while giving you a perfect ride on an absolutely unique belly board.  

With a choice of finish, from the natural wood grain of the ply to individually selected strips of cedar, each board is treated with an environmentally friendly teak oil. Three coats of oil are applied to ensure a stylish finish that is also long-lasting. 



The boards come in a variety of  shapes  all of which work well in a wide range of surf and waves.   

The choice of tail shape is more of a personal preference as  the bottom of the board is what really makes it work. I use a concave running through the centre of the board that blends into the rails for a smooth release. It is the combination of these features that allows you to get on the board, change direction, or stall your body into the steeper part of the wave or barrel. 

Catching Waves


To make the most of the waves it really helps to be right on the peak and if you can sink your body into the wave before paddling, you’ll get a much better entry into the wave. Timing, as in surfing, is imperative.   

Body position also plays a major role in how you project down the face of the wave. By twisting your body so that the back of your shoulders are against the wave you can trim across the face rather than just going straight down the wave.   



Swim fins are really important and the power they produce will make all the difference to whether you catch a wave or not. Remember the  board floats but it is not a buoyancy aid so the fins will help you to tread water as well as catch waves. In a strong rip fins make life a lot easier.   

I personally like DaFiN or Viper fins, but you should always try them on before ordering as all the fins fit differently and some will feel far more comfortable than others depending on your own foot shape.   

The Vipers are heavier and have tons of drive and really hold your legs in the face of the wave.   

The new DaFiNs have a very soft foot area and great rails, again with loads of drive. You can see why they are the choice of some of the top body surfers.   

The fins are not cheap but they are a great investment, fin savers are a must. You can also wear neoprene socks as well if you wish.



WETSUIT A good wetsuit is actually really important. You are submersed in the water much more than a surfer or bodyboarder so staying warm and not getting cramp is important. Also - as you are using your whole body to surf - a good fit is vital.



After use towel dry your bodyboard then allow it to dry naturally. Don’t leave it on a heater or radiator - this will cause the wood to dry out too quickly and could lead to cracking. The bodyboards have been pre-oiled but should be oiled with raw tung oil between surfs to keep them at their best (think of it like waxing your surfboard).